Our People

Reinhard Kniebeiss
Mobile Portal Specialist, Consumer Services
20 months with Ooredoo

"Since starting at Ooredoo, I have been working on the platform design and architecture for a new Service Delivery Framework and a new Mobile portal, and managing this project's implementation.

The efforts that have been undertaken are the foundation for inventing and launching new, state- of- the-art Mobile services and applications. The recently launched, refreshed Mobile portal will provide our customers with a much richer and faster user experience, giving them access, via handset, to fuel their daily entertainment with games, music, mobile TV, and social networking.

The most interesting part of working for Ooredoo is facing daily challenges, among them our legacy systems, which, as a rapidly growing company, we are constantly updating and replacing, and working with the extremely diverse Ooredoo staff. It is never boring here!"

Noora Hamad R. N. Al-Marri
Manager (A) of Operational and Financial Audit
Two years with Ooredoo

"I work in the Internal Audit Department, which provides an independent, objective assurance and consulting service designed to add value and improve Ooredoo's operations. We help the organisation to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

The scope of internal audit within Ooredoo is broad and may involve topics like efficacy of operations, the reliability of financial reporting, investigating fraud, safeguarding assets, and compliance with laws and regulations.

The telecom industry in general, and Ooredoo specifically, are never static. Everyday there is something new to learn and the most interesting and challenging part to me is the chance to contribute and be an active team member in this organisation. My superiors give me unlimited encouragement and support, which fuels me to go above and beyond whenever possible."

Ahmed Ali Al-Mohannadi
Director, Customer Experience
Seven months with Ooredoo

"At Ooredoo, we drive the quality of customer experience through their feedback. My job is to manage end-to-end service quality for all Ooredoo services and involve customer feedback in performance analysis to continuously improve customer satisfaction. Our challenges come in the form of our highly diverse customer segmentation, as well as the cultural issues this diversity brings with it.

Ooredoo's work environment is really friendly and fun, but also very professional. I'm proud to say that I work in the field of telecommunications and for one of the best companies in Qatar, where we are well-paid, enjoy lots of high-quality benefits, and the company cares about your future and is prepared to help you develop yourself in many ways."

Sara Al-Adba
Developee – Compensation Team, Group HR
Ten months with Ooredoo

"My role as a Developee on the Compensation team is to establish and document job roles across the organization. I also create job descriptions for these roles, and analyse some of these positions to establish criteria for job evaluation. I joined Ooredoo directly out of school, and am convinced this was the right decision for me, as it's an excellent place to work if you want lots of career development opportunities.

Ramesh Krishnan
Ramesh Adiyat
Senior Analyst/Business Support, Customer Services
30-plus years with Ooredoo

"In any competitive market environment, customer experience is the ultimate factor to decide success in the marketplace. My job is to design and develop ways to improve processes, systems, and methodologies to enhance customer experience. The goal is to provide seamless service delivery, matching customer needs, to retain and grow our customer base.

My focus is on business intelligence. I generate analytical reports that profile overall performance and KPI measurements such as waiting, queue and response times in our retail branches throughout Qatar.

Ooredoo has given me ample opportunities to grow, an indication that the company believes in proper recognition and rewards. I have been promoted four times, having started as Accounting Clerk 30 years ago. Along the way, I have worked with many world-class telecom management consultants, learning and gaining knowledge from these experts in their fields. Ooredoo management is well aware that their people are their most important asset, and they treat us accordingly."