Business Unit: Director General Corporate Services
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Information Management & Disruptive Technology
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 29-Aug-2022

Job Purpose:

To perform on-boarding of IsDB partners/vendors to specific technology projects and facilitate the right access to IsDB specific assets, systems, data, portals and information repositories in adherence to the procedures, ensuring security measures, to benefit effectively from the input and maximize the value of the input. To collect and gain insights of all IMDT financial and operational data, and to ensure proper user friendly, detailed reports are managed on all IMDT activities needed to support decision-analysis.

Key Accountabilities:

  •  Establish the vendor management framework, policies, practices, and communication plan following the IMDT strategy and operating model to streamline vendor management.
  • Manage end-to-end IMDT partners lifecycle and coordinate with IsDB related functions to identify vendors’ users who require access to IsDB systems and technology assets, ensure those users have appropriate physical and logical access for the needed period, in adherence to relevant IMDT policies, standards and procedures, to the relevant portals, document repositories, information, and knowledge to collaborate effectively with IsDB and maximize the value of the vendors’ input and partnership.
  • Create and maintain document repositories such as portals and shared sites for IsDB and partner organizations to access and share information securely.
  • Coordinate with Solution Delivery product teams to ensure that the solutions. accessed by third-parties support read-only access.
  • Perform periodic checks on third-party users accessing ISDB systems and coordinate with the ISDB approver to determine if access is required or to revoke access where necessary and ensure security to the systems and networks.
  • Keep abreast of the existing vendors and new entrants in the market and create and maintain a database clarifying, per vendor, the services, portfolio, and offering (such as: Cybersecurity, Risk services, resources augmentation, documentation, etc), to propose to procurement the most adequate vendors and the ones who offer the latest technologies.
  • Contribute to the procurement and sourcing activities, where required, through vendor profiling, to choose the best fit vendors. Contribute to end-to end IMDT sourcing activities to ensure adherence to strategic direction and business requirements.
  • Build, strengthen, manage and maintain a good relationship with all IT vendors to increase the efficiency of exchange and maximize input, including supplier risks and compliance monitoring and relevant activities. Supports suppliers and vendors qualification and registration at ISDB to maintain the vendor list for IMDT's reference.
  • Maintain a vendors' database containing contracts, performance evaluation criteria/scorecard, rating, contracts and licenses expiration dates, staff, code of conduct, communication matrix, to ensure proper follow up on vendors' related activities and to trigger and follow up on contracts/licenses renewals.
  • Review supplier performance, costs, and service levels periodically aligned with service level agreements and ensure that the supplier regularly and transparently reports on agreed-on criteria and to recommend opportunities for improvement to the IT Governance manager.
  • Manage, measure and analyze the performance of IMDT's providers/suppliers to reduce costs, lower risk factors, promote continuous improvement and deliver contractual obligations, including SLAS and KPIs. Assess the impact of IT-related legal and regulatory requirements on third party contracts related to IT operations and service providers to manage IsDB IT and operational risks.
  • Assess the impact of IT-related legal and regulatory requirements on thirdparty contracts related to IT operations and service providers to manage IsDB IT and operational risks.
  • Contribute to partners knowledge, resources, experience and connections toward joint decision making and action and share learning to achieve the partnership objective(s) and IsDB’s strategic goals.
  • Collate, prepare and disseminate IMDT continuous reporting relating to operations, transformation and financial aspects in collaboration with different IMDT resources.



Education and Experience:


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or Business Information management or equivalent experience



  • 5+ years of experience in IT with minimal 3 years in vendor management 



  • English(mandatory)
  • Arabic(preferred)
  • French (preferred) 

Skills and Necessary Knowledge:

▪ IT Vendor management

▪ IT Contracts management

▪ Analytics and reporting

▪ IT Procurement and IT legal experience is an advantage

▪ Project management experience is an advantage

▪ Negotiation skills

▪ Business acumen

▪ Organizing skills