wi-tribe group

wi-tribe is a fully integrated multimedia service provider, using the latest in wireless technology to provide hassle free and affordable internet connectivity in pent-up markets. The journey began in 2007 when wi-tribe was officially established by the Qtel Group of Companies bringing together some of the greatest minds under one tribe.

Through extensive research, testing and the knowledge shared with their partners, wi-tribe has become a major player in the global arena. With a firm commitment to bridging the digital divide wi-tribe targets emerging markets to deploy their efficient, affordable and hassle-free services. The exceptionally personalized customer care program wi-tribe follows has helped them gain the confidence of their customers and the reliable services they provide ensures their satisfaction. Believing in nurturing local talent and relying on an indigenous workforce made wi-tribe more appealing to emerging markets around the globe.

Serving the community has always been the number one goal of the tribe and this is done by providing only the best technology available and tailoring it to efficiently and cost effectively provide the best internet service. wi-tribe's tech team is constantly researching and testing new technologies and ways to enhance what is currently being used. Tailor made packages are provided by wi-tribe to suit everyone's needs and make sure that satisfaction is guaranteed.

The wi-tribe group believes in bridging the digital gap that exists between those who have access to electronic and information technology and those who don't. This "digital divide" is a problem not just in underdeveloped countries, but also in developing nations where the current providers are not satisfying the demand. That is why wi-tribe targets emerging markets and believes that every person deserves the best quality services at affordable rates.

A firm commitment to education is another weapon in the fight to bridge the gap, with wi-tribe's main CSR program dedicated to educating the world and allowing people to enjoy the freedoms and ease of life on the internet. Sponsoring local talent and supporting local causes are deeply rooted into the culture of each tribe.