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VAC6722 - System Support Engineer
Field: Information Technology Contract Type: Full Time - Permanent
Location: Palestine - Ramallah Closing date: 30-Jun-2017
Role Summry & Responsibilities:

Provide full administration to All UNIX Operating systems, Storages, Fault Management system, and Backup Solutions. In additions to support all related vendor specific storages (HP, EMC ...etc) and UNIX OS & Clusters such as Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and others.

Provide full Operation & Support to all UNIX servers’ Operating systems, Storages systems, Fault Management Systems, Backup Solutions and Hardware. In addition to manage Virtual environment.

Duties & Responsibilities :

Monitoring, Managing & Administrating Corporate & Business Unix systems, as follows:

  • Monitoring UNIX OS & cluster status, logs, and performance.
  • Monitoring & Managing UNIX File systems.
  • Follow up systems backup.
  • Follow up systems problems & fix them.
  • Provide technical support for production services including problem isolation and resolution in a timely manner.
  • Maximize system availability and performance through fault-tolerant configuration, and proactive server monitoring.
  • Follow up systems healthy check.
  • Follow up Support & Maintenance Contracts.
  • Creating & Managing UNIX scripts.
  • Installing & configuring Unix OS.
  • Perform systems installs, configurations, file systems maintenance, system recovery and others hardware and maintenance needs.
  • Upgrading & patching OS.
  • Computer security, privacy, and integrity, software conversions, and software corrections.
  • Install new software applications, coordinating assistance from third parties when necessary.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing server hardware (RAID Arrays, SAN's, Tape Libraries, etc).
  • Administration Storage Management Tools (Veritas VXVM, Solaris SVM, LVM, etc)
  • Administration Virtualization Environments.

Monitoring, Administrating  Global Wataniya DNS & FTP services & internal NTP service, as Follows:

  • Monitoring DNS, FTP, NTP status, logs & performance.
  • Check NTP, FTP, & DNS service Availability
  • Renew the registered domains   & name servers with registrar.
  • Creating, registering & Managing new DNS domains.

Monitoring, Administrating  Corporate  & Business Storages, as follows:

  • Monitoring storages status, logs and performances.
  • Storages healthy check .
  • Follow up the support & maintenance contract .
  • Connecting, Configuring & implementing new host/disks to the Storage.
  • Troubleshoot & replace faulty parts.

Monitoring, Administrating  Central Backup & Recovery Solutions, as Follows:

  • Monitoring scheduled Systems, Database, Applications Backup jobs.
  • Follow up Failed backup Jobs & fix the problem.
  • Follow up the safety & store of the Onsite & Offsite Backup Medias.
  • Cleaning Backup Tape library.
  • Preparing & updating the Backup Policy & procedure.
  • Installing backup agents & creating new backup jobs for systems, databases, and applications.
  • Recovering & restoring OS, databases, data & applications.
  • Upgrading & Patching the Backup systems & clients.

Monitoring, Managing & Administrating Central Fault Management Systems , as follows:

  • Monitoring Systems (OS, DB, Applications, etc) performance, Utilization, and availability proactively.
  • Customize, tune, and create policies, scripts to fit Wataniya requirements.
  • Integrate Fault Management System with Third party tools, Biasness services, wataniya Service Manager, databases, Etc.
  • Configure and Customize notifications tools & alarms.
  • Generate Business reports for Systems availability, Performance, and utilization.
  • Consolidate all Systems alarms and monitoring tools into one Enterprise Solution. 
  • Preparing policies and procedures for monitoring Wataniya Systems.


Monitoring the infrastructure Elements of the Wataniya Data Center, as Follows:

  • Monitoring & checking the Data Center Main elements (UPS, Cooling, chillers, Camera,etc) .
  • Healthy & maintenance check of All infrastructure elements (UPS, Rack Cooling, chillers,…etc) .
  • Follow up the devices (servers, network & storages,etc) installation & Racks management .
  • Tuning & Managing the Central APC infrastructure Console .
  • Follow up Racks & servers labeling & cabling.
  • Prepare & follow up Data Center Hardware & Software Inventory.
  • Follow up & supervise civil works in Data Center.


Work Experience & Qualifications:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology, or equivalent experience.
  • UNIX, Storage, Virtualization, OS, Cluster, Fault Management, and Enterprise Backup systems certification.
  • Minimum 2-3 Years of experience in IT field and UNIX, Storage, Virtualization, OS, Cluster, and Backup solutions environment.
  • Good knowledge in most of the OS platforms and specifically in UNIX Operating system.
  • Good knowledge with most of the UNIX commands, utilities, and OS Storage Management Tools.
  • Good Knowledge with Systems backup tools & Enterprise Backup Solution (Veritas NetBackup, EMC Networker, Acronis, etc).
  • Good Knowledge with fundamental and administration of the Entry, & Midrange (DAS, NAS, SAN, etc) and related devices.
  • Good Knowledge with administration of the Microsoft windows servers.
  • Good knowledge with Virtualization Technology & Fault Management Tool (i.e. HP OM).
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and reporting skills (Both Arabic and English)
Personal Traits & Special Skills:
  • To be able to fully administer UNIX/Linux operating systems and their respective vendor Hardware. Sense of responsibility towards mission critical servers of high importance to the company.
  • Sense of responsibility .
  • Analytical thinking and Good knowledge with Data Surfing .
  • Organized personality.
  • Good Communication Skills & Capable to work within hard circumstances and good team spirit.
  • Work under the general supervision of a more senior system administrator or computer systems manager.
Note: you will be required to attach the following:
1. Resume / cv
2. Persoanl professional Photo
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